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About Us

Since 2002 the Stripe Zone has grown into a full service pavement maintenance, repair and marking company serving NE Florida and SE Georgia. We have expanded our services beyond parking lots to include striping for parking garages, warehouses and game courts.  We offer a full range of pavement seal coating and repair, sign installation, wheel stop installation, line removal, hot pressure washing and neighborhood traffic calming services. Clients include government agencies, commercial and industrial businesses. 
The reason for our success?  We provide our customers the best possible product at a fair price, delivered with service second to none!  

Don Clark, owner of the Stripe Zone, has 22 years of experience in Pavement Maintenance, Sealcoating and Striping in North Florida and Palm Beach County.

The Stripe Zone has the experience and capacity for the big job plus flexibility & quick turn-around for the small job.

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